Dust Storm, 2010
Dam, 2010
Landscape, 2010
Roof Terrace, 2010
Beach, 2010
Pool, 2010


Fernweh series explores the concept of a modernist city through its extreme relations to the landscape. The images are placed on a blurred line between a past which reminds us of a future and a future which looks like a past.

Scenes are referring to the modernist ideas and aspiration of a man conquering the natural wild land and subordinating it to the rational order, and the consequences of those aspirations, which switched into the longing for an escape from urban environments.

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Tanja Deman

Tanja DemanTanja Deman is a visual artist from Croatia. She works with photography, video and light installation. Her investigation of collective psychology and space focuses on recently built legacy, specifically in spaces for collectives and how they relate to nature.

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